About us

EleqTrade is a dynamic company that offers other companies to create and consolidate supply chains. We strive to adapt our clients' demand to the best conditions on the market. In these efforts, we will undertake a number of tasks which will produce an outcome that is specifically adapted to our clients and thus provide them with a stable supply of goods or services. At the same time, we offer small and medium-sized companies the set-up of IT systems, where we will assist with software optimization, organization and data processing.

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Save money

Are you too busy to do price negotiations on your in-demand items? We have already negotiated the best terms with the best suppliers.

Save time

Do you spend too much time finding suppliers and negotiating agreements and prices? Let our expertise do the work for you, so you can spend time on more important things.

Stay Updated

Are you too busy to be looking for new products or services? Let us keep an eye on the market and convey the latest updates to your business.